Francesco Soave is a photographer devoted to long-term, fully immersive personal projects. His photographs have been exhibited – and are part of the permanent collection – at MUSEC, the Museum of Cultures of Lugano, Switzerland, and at 29 Arts In Progress gallery in Milan, Italy.

Born in Verona, Italy, Soave trained as an architect before becoming a photographer. He graduated in architecture from Milan Polytechnic in 2013, while spending half the time abroad. He studied in Spain, then in Colombia and Chile, realizing his first reportage in the Atacama desert as his thesis project. He then went on to work as an architect in Mexico. 

During his Latin American years, Soave traveled extensively, exploring and documenting places and people with his camera.

In 2017 he left for Southeast Asia committed to dedicate himself entirely to photography, looking for relevant stories to immerse himself in. A year later he won UP18 photo competition for emerging photographers, showcasing images from his Asian wanderings. The adventures and serendipitous encounters of that journey continue to inspire his ongoing photographic projects:

The Home of Joy is a celebration of childhood, dreamy and out of time, through black and white images that capture the purity and wonder of youth. The protagonists of this extended work are the children of Baan Unrak, an NGO in the Thai jungle that rescues, protects and raises vulnerable children. Soave has been serving Baan Unrak for almost two years until now.

Silent Heroes is an itinerant work across Asia, the documentation of a piece of humanity forgotten by the globalized world. A portrait of vanishing cultures through their last keepers.